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Gary T. Blum
N.Y.S. licensed home inspector
License #16000033189
(315) 532 3039

Buying a home can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. The excitement of owning a new home, along with the transaction process, can leave anyone exhausted. A little peace of mind, can buy a lot of sleep. This is where my job begins.
 A home inspection is the best opportunity to discover and learn more about the home you’re investing in and having the help of a professional, whose only interest is you, my client, can be your most valuable asset, when making your buying decision.

Inspections are performed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the N.Y.S. Home Inspection Council.

Choosing an inspector should be done in the same way you would hire anyone to perform a service, with an interview. In the last ten years, the number of homes inspected has increased along with the number of  inspectors and schools to train them. N.Y.S. currently requires only, 140 hrs. of training to qualify for licensing. Ask about their experience. Does the Inspector have a background in the construction industry, or in a completely unrelated vocation?

Ask to see a sample report. There are as many different styles, as there are Inspectors. You’re paying for information and you need to be able to read and understand the report. See what works for you.

Make sure the person performing the inspection is licensed and that their license number will be on the report. According to the N.Y.S. Home Inspection Council, no one including an employee or trainee may perform an inspection unless they are under the direct supervision of a licensed Inspector. An Inspector must provide their license number to you upon request.

Ask for references as you would with anyone else you would consider hiring.

Is the Inspector available when you need him? Can the Inspector be flexible if your schedule changes?

Spend some time on the phone and find out about the inspection process and how long it takes. Ask questions and remember, you’re conducting the interview, you’re the boss.

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Providing New York State licensed home inspections for Oswego County, Onondaga County, Cayuga County, and Jefferson County. This includes the following cities and towns: Clay, Fulton, Oswego, Syracuse, East Syracuse, Watertown, Mexico, Scriba and more.

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