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Gary T. Blum
N.Y.S. licensed home inspector
License #16000033189
(315) 532 3039

GTB Inspection Services is a full time inspection service dedicated to providing you with the confidence to make an informed investment decision.

    When I’m not inspecting or writing reports,  I am  likely at my desk researching things like, current best building practices, information on the latest trends in materials and their application or recalls on furnaces, water heaters and other appliances.

 I also spend part of every day learning from other inspectors. Whether in person or through forums for Inspectors by Inspectors on the internet. Even with thirty years experience in the construction industry, you just can’t learn it all by yourself and utilizing these resources helps me serve you better.

      Finally, it is my conviction that to properly do the job I’m being paid for, I need to work at it full time, without distractions from other ventures. After all, your banker, realtor and attorney are professionals. Shouldn’t the guy inspecting your investment be?

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